My Munich 1 - Autumn in Munich

Munich, the world city with heart, had a hard time to win my affection. I don't know why, maybe because it is kind of a village compared to the size of the cities in Turkey. Maybe it is too organized, hence boring. Maybe due to the f.cking rainy summers... Maybe all of them together caused that I couldn't fall in love with Munich. But now -no matter what, I admire this city and its beauty, above all the virgin nature it has to offer. It has the largest inner city park in Europe (even bigger than Central Park, NYC), where you can sunbath naked, if you wish. It has the River Isar, where everyone races to make barbecue along its banks in summer, or enjoy the "Rafting Oktoberfest" (called Isarflossfahrt in German, google it!). It has the countless lakes, where you can cool down. It has many river canals -even if man-made, where you can surf in the middle of the city. I think, I don't need to mention the famous beer gardens... 

Of course, there is a lot more about Munich, but this post is dedicated to its nature to be found within the city limits. Take a look at the snapshots of Munich's natural beauties from last autumn. Do you agree that this city is adorable? 

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