Maho On Earth

This is Maho from Earth!
Born and raised in Turkey,
Living since over a decade in Germany,
Asian looking, Russian sounding,
Loves traveling and the world,
Remains a stranger on this Earth…

"If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced ~ Vincent Van Gogh"

For the lovers of details more about Maho

I am Mahide. No, my name has nothing to do with the English word "hide", though I loved to play hide-and-seek as a child. Even in Turkey, it's an uncommon name meaning "feast, a table full of food". Contrary to the meaning of my name, I am not a foodie, actually very easy to maintain. Due to the pronunciation difficulties, I was given the nickname Maho by friends and recently promoted to "Mad Maho".

No, I'm not an extreme athlete looking for her death. I take care of my basic fitness in which I swim regularly, sometimes run, and do some strength training. Not regularly, but as often as possible I go hiking - near or far, easy or difficult. And then, to test how fit I really am and to expand my boundaries, I occasionally take part in events like "Tough Mudder" and dare things that physically are impossible for me (like the Tarzan swing, which clearly was not designed for my body height and ended up with a dip in the dirty cold water). Scuba diving is another passion of mine, even though I learned swimming at the age of 29.

In short, I call myself "Maho On Earth" and try to enjoy life to the fullest and experience everything that our beautiful planet has to offer. And at home, while my muscles are resting, I let my brain go jogging to record all the valuable experiences on my blog. This is my creative outlet where I free up my engineer mind by sharing my passions for travel, photography and unparalleled adventures. You mostly won't find Top 10 Must Do/See/Eat things here but if you need my opinion, feel free to ask.

I am currently living a nomadic lifestyle after giving birth to a lifetime dream to discover and experience the world, cultures, and myself (click to read the story of my year-long around the world trip here). You can most probably find me in the water, or in the mountains somewhere around the world with husband in tow.

Travel/Life Companion: Tom

As the saying goes "Behind every great woman there stands a man", well, wait..no..whatever...
Meet my hubby Tom, who has always been supportive, although he is not a great fan of the most activities I drag him along. But he is always willing to expand his boundaries and that matters!

He holds a university degree in Business Administration and has been working in top-tier companies as a strategic purchaser/supply chain manager for the last decade. As such, he has excellent negotiation skills (read: difficult to argue with) and wins people's heart easily, and he has always a magic trick ready just in case (I still don't know how he got mine).

He is the proof-reader of this blog, though he is not a native speaker either (so apologies for sounding weird sometimes). With his new toy, a mini-drone, he will soon be contributing on social media with some awesome shots. RIP, DJI Spark (crashed in Mexico, November 10, 2018)

Sail along with us for inspiration and motivation to achieve your own dreams and overcome your fears through @earthmaho and Facebook as we travel the world in search of authentic experiences and unparalleled adventures.


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